Reviews On The Website

Will My Customers Be Able To Leave Reviews On The Website?

This is something that you can choose to have or not have on your website. There is no rule that says you must have reviews, and there are many websites that do not have them. However, there can be advantages to allowing customers to leave reviews on your website, assuming that the service or products you provide them are of a high standard.

The most obvious benefit is that it gives new visitors to your website some reassurance that you are a reputable business if they see several 5-star reviews, and comments which include lots of praise.

Bear in mind that as these reviews are likely to be in text form, Google’s spiders will crawl them. Reviews might include some of your keywords plus words which you might want rank for, like ‘best’, ‘quality’ when added to them.

Think what might happen if several of your reviews include the words ‘best kitchen fitter in Perth’. It’s no guarantee you will always show up at #1 if someone types in that phrase, but it can’t do you any harm.

unfair dismissal

5 Tips for Avoiding Unfair Dismissal Claims

As an employer, there are a lot of things to think about to ensure you don’t inadvertently get into legal trouble. Things like unfair dismissal claims can come back to haunt you, causing significant financial pain and, in some cases, damage to your reputation. Because of this, it’s very important to make sure you understand what legal hoops you need to jump through in specific situations.

In the rest of this article, we’ve explored our top five tips for firing someone without the risk of an unfair dismissal claim being brought against you. Remember, though, that this is only meant as advice, and you should always seek the opinion of a qualified workplace or employment lawyer to ensure you’re following the rules.

  1. Follow Up on Misconduct or Other Allegations Properly

If you’re considering firing an employee because of misconduct or other allegations against them, it’s extremely important to make sure you follow up on said accusations properly. Outline the things that have been said to the employee, and give them a chance to tell their side of the story. Failing to do so could land you in hot water, especially if the allegations are later found to be false.


Backlinks Audits

Backlinks Audits And Why They Are A Key SEO Process

One of the biggest mistakes made with regards to SEO is to assume that if something is currently working well, that it will continue to do so forever.

There are several reasons for this, not least of which is Google continually changing and updating their algorithms. Entire business models have ground to a halt overnight, never to be resurrected, due to Google deciding that something which previously helped a website rank well, was in fact a negative.

One area which always seems to be in flux is backlinking or internal linking, and there are countless theories, rumours, myths, and outright misinformation as to how and where backlinks should be acquired. This creates a problem for those who have already gone out, sought backlinks legitimately, and then linked to their website.

They now might be questioning whether they should keep those backlinks or go out and look for more. The problem is exacerbated as Google continues to move from a position of simply counting the number of backlinks a website has, to a model where the power and authority of those backlinks become increasingly important ranking factors.

Google has made it clear that the so-called E-A-T measure is what they are now looking at, so Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness is what they want to find when crawling a website. This applies not only to the website being crawled, but they are also going to take E-A-T into account when looking at what websites its backlinks are coming from.


Web Design

Will My Web Design Help Me To Challenge And Beat My Competition?

We’ll be completely open and say that having an excellent website design is no guarantee that you will beat your competition, simply because there are too many other variables. They could have an unlimited marketing budget with which to drive tons of traffic to their site or their store. Another could be that your product pricing is noncompetitive due to high production costs.

There could be many others, but we also must say that good website design will certainly enable you to compete with your competitors, and unless they have advantages you simply cannot overcome, you could beat them too. Now, we have to clarify what we mean by ‘beat’ because that can happen in several areas.

Good website design can help you rank higher than your competitors on the search engines, and if you are using PPC advertising it can make your campaigns more cost-effective, and more successful. It should mean that visitors stay longer on your website, and many are likely to return more readily to your well-designed website as opposed to your competitors’ poorly designed websites.



4 Essential Local SEO Tactics Most Businesses Fail On

Local businesses that utilise SEO on their website stand a much better chance of achieving high rankings, and as result benefitting from the increased levels of traffic that creates.

Obviously, increased traffic means more prospects seeing what you have to offer, and that in turn leads to more sales and each sale enhances the profitability of that business.

Apologies for us stating the obvious in terms of how a business becomes profitable, but the reason we mention it is that none of this can happen if basic SEO mistakes are made.

Profits do not occur without sales which can’t happen without prospects, who were all part of the traffic that isn’t coming now, because basic SEO actions were not undertaken by the business owner…or whoever the business owner employed to do them not in place.

The crying shame is that none of these basic SEO mistakes are particularly difficult to overcome,  if you are not even aware of them, then no matter how diligent you are when it comes to marketing, you may still make them. So, let us clarify what these SEO basic failures are, and how to avoid them.

Not Claiming Your Google My Business Listing (GMB)

This is one of the first actions any local business should take if it plans to have an effective online marketing campaign. Your GMB listing is the basic information about your business as it appears on Google.


Blog Post Ideas

21 Days of Blog Post Ideas

It happens to every writer from time to time. They sit at their keyboard, or if they are old school, with their pen in their hand, and their mind is a complete blank. No inspiration. No ideas. Nothing.

If you are responsible for creating and writing blog posts for your website, it will surely have happened to you too, and if not, you are incredibly lucky.

For the day that your mind does go blank, and for everyone else who might struggle to come up with ideas for your blog posts, here are no fewer than twenty-one of them.

Now you could take these and make one post a day for the next 21 days, or you could be wise and realise that you have blog post ideas lined up each week for the next 5 months or so. The choice is yours.

  1. How To: Explain to your audience how to achieve something, complete a task, or make a change that will benefit them. There are bound to be dozens of possible ‘How to…’ posts you can write for your niche.
  2. Research: Create a post that outlines some research you, someone within your business or an expert within your industry has completed and share the findings with your audience.
  3. Statistics: Every niche and business category have statistics that relate to it. Write a post where you share relevant statistics, either on a broad topic, or a very narrow one.
  4. Quotes: Over the years there have been some quotes that have gone down in history. Research for quotes that have bearing on the type of business you are, and which offer your readers sound advice.


Create Content

How To Create Content For Unusual Niches

The term ‘unusual’ that we have used in the title is meant to be a bit of a catch-all to describe niches that are not normally mainstream. these could relate to some medical conditions, unusual hobbies, or simply mundane niches about everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn or clearing out gutters.

What we mean is they are not the niches that are hugely popular, or which jump out and shout the loudest like make money online, lose weight, or fashion.

As they are not as exciting when it comes to creating content many business owners whose niche does not normally get the pulses racing, often struggle for ideas.

So, to help them, and you too, if you are struggling to think of content for your niche, regardless of what it is, here are some tips to get you thinking about them.

Help Your Readers Achieve a Result

In just about every niche or business category there is certain to be something that those involved with it can achieve. This may not be something exceptional in the grander scheme of things, but to that individual, it could be a huge milestone or achievement for them.

If the content you create gives them advice, information, data, or simply the confidence boost to make them believe they can achieve some goal, then it is a hugely worthwhile piece of content. Not only that, if it helps someone achieve something, they will also be extremely grateful to you and therefore more likely to remain a customer or become one.