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Oxygen Marketing provides a complete range of SEO Services to small and medium-sized businesses in Perth and across Australia.

As you may well know, using SEO Services, and the art of ranking your website higher than your local competition, is looked upon by many as a sort of game, or more accurately, a game of strategy. While SEO may not seem as much fun as ‘Stellaris’ or ‘Civilisation’, the rewards for winning are much greater.

The fact is that in order to beat your competition, there are some actions that give you a significant advantage over your competition and others that only move the dial a fraction. So, to make the biggest difference, here are four of the top tactics which, with the help of our SEO services, you should implement in order to outrank your local competition.

SEO Services: Competitor Analysis

Whatever the arena, be it on the battlefield, or in sporting arenas, knowing what your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses are, will always be an advantage, and that is exactly the case when it comes to outranking your competition on Google.

It defies logic to think that you can outrank another website without knowing what you are competing against, and yet there are business owners who think they can do it, and then wonder why they failed to rank.

One of our SEO Services – Competitor analysis allows you to see what keywords your competitors are targeting, where they’re getting their backlinks from, and how good the content they are publishing is.

By knowing all of that, you can pinpoint where there are easy wins in terms of keywords you can rank for, and those which may take some more effort. Then you can strive to not only match what they have done with regards to the SEO services they’ve received, but you can exceed it. When you do exceed it, it’ll be you going above them in the rankings.

SEO Services: Keyword Analysis and Research

The game we mentioned in the first section, refers to the individual competitions that take place to rank for specific keywords and keyword phrases. The goal is to rank highest for whenever they appear in a search that someone enters on Google.

In order to do so, you need to conduct keyword research to determine several facts. The first of those is to find out what people are actually searching for, and how often. That means discovering which are searched for the most, as these are going to be ones that bring the highest levels of organic traffic.

However, these high-volume keywords may not always be the ones that you optimise for first. There are bound to be lots of keywords that have lower search numbers, but that means they are not as competitive.

As a result, it may not take much to become the top-ranked website for some of them, and their cumulative traffic may equal or exceed that of a single high-volume keyword.

Create Awesome Content

Creating quality content for visitors to your website should be something which you should see as a vital part of your business’s marketing, rather than a chore, which, unfortunately, is how many business owners regard it.

Top-quality content gives visitors to your website an insight into your business that shows them you have their interests at heart by providing useful information. It also helps establish brand awareness and customer loyalty.

More than that, it is essential if you have any intentions to outrank your competition because it is the content you create which plays a huge part in Google establishing your relevance with regards to certain keywords.

You want to be creating content that matches or answers the user’s intent when they enter a search on Google. It might be they want a question answered, which you will have done in a blog post. They may be seeking reviews of a product, that you have on your product pages, or they may actually type in what can be assessed as a ‘buyer’ keyword.

Here they may enter a term like ‘cheapest’, ‘best value’ or even ‘where to buy’. There will be hundreds of other buyer keywords, but if the content you have created is optimised for them, you are more likely to rank higher than your competition.

Link Building

No attempt to outrank your competition is going to be successful unless you have links pointing to the pages within your website. Each of those links act like a mini vote of confidence which google recognises when its algorithm is calculating your ranking for each individual keyword.

While the number of backlinks is important, you are often better served looking for a few backlinks from high authority websites, than hundreds from websites that have no authority whatsoever.

The quickest way to identify the high authority websites you should be seeking backlinks from is to look at the competitor analysis you did and see which websites your competition has links from. For SEO services, there is no rule that says that just because they have a link from site, that you can’t also have one.