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Oxygen Marketing is based in Perth, Western Australia with a distributed workforce throughout the World.

At Oxygen Marketing we allow and encourage employees to live and work wherever they live. Our versatile, highly skilled global workforce allows us to provide a full range of digital design and marketing services with special emphasis on SEO services.

In terms of our team, our primary aim is to ensure we effectively “Move work to the workers, rather than workers to the workplace”. By following this philosophy, we’ve built a truly international team, giving our employees the flexibility and support required to work remotely.

Our work experience is optimised through a selection of analytics, project management, design and data software programs.

Ultimately, we’re a diverse group of people including travelers, authors, parents, adventurers, designers, geeks, programmers, developers, writers, analysts, marketers, filmmakers, dreamers, volunteers, surfers and, overall just simple hard workers.

Because of our diversity and versatility as a team, we’re able to offer unique service and perspectives for every job. We work with a clear set of goals:

  • Work exceptionally.
  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Be attentive to the small things.
  • Ensure your impact on the world is positive and meaningful.
  • Learn continually.
  • Tell the truth always.

Above all, we’re committed to providing the best experience possible for our valued clients across Australia and the world.

If you’re just exploring our website, make sure you take in as much information as you can. If you’re interested in working with us, we’d be very excited to have you on board. Regardless, thanks for reading.

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Undertaking any sort of new website development project or keeping your website up to date with the latest digital trends can be daunting, so it is important to get the correct (and reliable) information to get your project off on the right foot or keep your existing business website functioning to the best of it’s ability.

Guide To Picking The Best Australian SEO Agency

Whilst trying to do SEO can seem a daunting prospect to many business owners, even if they decide to employ the services of an external SEO agency, there is still some work to do.

Paramount is the actual selection of the agency you want to do the SEO for you and getting this right can mean the difference between you having a successful marketing campaign or an exercise in pouring money down the drain.

Let us be clear from the outset that most SEO agencies are reputable and will deliver what they say they will, although, as with any business sector, some will be better at that than others.

Of course, there are going to be rogue consultants and agencies who talk a good game, but once they have your fee, they then embark on a serious of excuses to try and explain away their failure to deliver.

Whilst we hate the fact that this issue exists as it can tarnish the industry as a whole, it does have a silver lining, in that it actually makes determining which are the reputable agencies and which are the ones to avoid, somewhat easier.

The reason for that is there are a number of steps you can take, and questions which you can ask which will quickly weed out the bad eggs, and allow you to make the decision on which SEO agency to use, with more confidence.

There are also some red flags which, if you come across them during your research, will help you to turn your back on the agencies that you want to avoid.

What Is the Agency’s Experience/Track Record?

An obvious question to ask, but an essential one, and any agency which has a track record and is proud of it, will be able to furnish with all the details.

Beyond that, they should also steer you towards any testimonials or reviews of their work. Best of all is if they allow you to contact some previous clients to speak to them directly about their experience of working with the agency.

What Is Your Link Building Tactics?

This might be considered a technical question, but the way in which an SEO agency builds links is also a huge signal with respect to their professionalism and effectiveness.

Rogue agencies will use strategies such as paid links, link farms, and automated links, all of which go against Google’s guidelines. If an agency suggests any of these to you, slam the door on them.

A reputable SEO agency will build links in a strategic manner which may not always seem quick, but as time progress those links soon add up. In addition, they will be able to research where to get the most powerful links in terms of authority websites, and this combination of quality and quantity is what will help your website’s ranking to improve.

What Tools and Resources Do They Use?

To be honest, there are as many SEO tools and resources as there are likely to be SEO agencies in your local area, and no two of them will use the exact same ones. That means that each will use the ones that they have found to be the most effective for them.

However, there are some tools that are regarded within the industry as being the premier ones and these include the likes of Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Moz, Spy Fu. They may also use the tools which Google provides such as Search Console and Google Analytics.

If you ask that question, and none of these are mentioned, or you mention them, and you get a blank expression, then that agency is not for you, unless they can show the alternatives they use and why they prefer them.

You will also want to establish how much of the work your Australian SEO agency do in-house, and how much they sub-contract out. Larger agencies might have the resources to do everything in-house, but even they might use other companies for certain individual aspects of the campaign.

There is nothing wrong with an agency sub-contracting out the work, as this is often how you get the best person or company for the job. The key is that they are open about what they contract out, and why.

For example, they might not have their own copywriter, and so use a freelance one who they know writes great sales copy, or they may hand over website design to another agency whom they know create awesome looking websites.

What Lines of Communication and Reporting Will There Be?

This needs to be established from the outset, and a reputable SEO agency will explain in full, what, how, and when they will report to you. After all, a reputable agency will never have anything to hide from you, even if progress is slower than expected.

The key here is that they will know how to amend or tweak an SEO campaign as it proceeds, and when they do, they will happily update you.

You will also want to know how these communications will be done, be that via email, telephone, or another online medium such as Zoom or Skype. Proper agencies will have this in place and should also be willing to accommodate any business owner’s preference.

Something else to look for is an SEO agency that provides you with an account manager as part of their service. This is someone who oversees your entire SEO campaign, and in doing so ensures it progresses as planned. It also gives you a single point of contact which is obviously much easier than speaking to a different person each time.

What Price Will You Be Paying?

As you research Australian SEO agencies you will see that there are some which advertise their prices, and there are some which do not. The reputable SEO agencies that do not show prices, are not trying to hide anything, but it means they work on a client by client basis and quote a price once each client has agreed on what they want.

In truth, even those which have a series of packages with an advertised price will have some flexibility so that if a client wants to add additional services to effectively create a bespoke package, they should be able to.

Whichever way the price is arrived at, it should be presented, agreed upon, and then signed off properly for the benefit, and protection of both parties. All reputable Australian SEO agencies will operate more or less on that basis, so if you have one who merely gives you a verbal quote and wants you to pay based on that, walk away.

We hope that you find some of the information we provide helpful.

Thanks for dropping by.

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