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We can help you with affordable SEO services in Perth aimed at small to medium sized companies with a range of SEO packages to suit all budgets. We can get your website ranked in the organic results of search engines. Oxygen Marketing and their SEO Perth team will provide a road map to excellent ROI for your marketing budget.

How To Choose An SEO Perth Company That Will Guarantee Results

SEO Perth ServicesYou might be at the stage where you want to expand your business or see an improvement in its sales and have decided that you want to use online marketing to help achieve this. Having your website rank highly in the rankings is going to be the keystone of that, so you may already be considering hiring our SEO Perth team to do that work for you.

Many business owners indeed get to this point, but then a number of questions arise such as ‘How do I choose an SEO company?’, and, ‘What can the SEO Perth team actually do for me, and my business?’ These are both very valid questions, and we hope to answer them fully for you.

First, Oxygen Marketing will outline some of the main tasks that the SEO Perth team will undertake, just to ensure that these are the sorts of actions that you want to be implemented within your business’s marketing and implement the strategies of the SEO Perth team.

Confirm Your Objectives

Before any work starts, a reputable SEO Perth company will ensure that it knows exactly what you wish to achieve. This will not only cover what objectives you have, but will also include timescales, and the budget that is available, as this obviously influences how much work they are going to do for you.

Once both you and Oxygen Marketing’s SEO Perth team have agreed on the specifics, they should then present you with a detailed outline of the work they are going to be doing, including a timeline so that you can see what happens and when.

Carry Out A Website Audit

All SEO starts with your website, and so you should expect Oxygen Marketing and their SEO Perth team to carry out a comprehensive audit of your website and report to you how well, or how poorly it is optimised. From this audit, they will be able to explain what needs to be undertaken to properly optimise your website.

If you are a new business and do not have a website, or wish to have a new website built for an existing business, this is work that most agencies can carry out too, with the added benefit that it will be built correctly and properly optimised from the moment it goes live.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

It is often easier to understand what SEO is if you think about it as a game, or rather a series of individual games. The name of each game is to rank highest for a keyword or keyword phrase, and the winner gets to sit in the number one position when that keyword is searched for.

As is the case with competitive sports, the more you know about your competition, and what their strengths and weaknesses are, the better chance you have of combating those strengths and exploiting their weaknesses.

Consider Oxygen Marketing as your ‘spy in the camp’, as our SEO Perth team have analytical tools and software that will tell us exactly what we need to know about the local businesses that you consider your competition

Those insights into your competition could be worth the fee alone, as that information not only reduces the time it will take for you to outrank them, the uplift in your business revenue is going to occur sooner due to knowing what it takes to rank for the most searched for keywords.

Analyse And Enhance Your Backlink Profile

With backlinks (or off-page optimisation) being regarded as the lifeblood of Perth SEO, it is vitally important that any SEO campaign focuses a great deal of energy on them. Oxygen Marketing will undertake analysis of your current backlinks which will identify the strong ones, and those that are could actually be harming you.

Thereafter, they will pinpoint opportunities and strategies to enhance your backlink profile so that you not only have more backlinks pointing to your website but that the authority that they pass to your website is stronger too.

For that, they will look for and research which other websites could be opportunities to link from, and also determine the sorts of content that will be required to obtain them.

Content Creation

Under the heading of content creation, we should also include the task of optimising any existing content that you have already created. It could be that it is excellent but has not really been optimised for SEO purposes. As for creation, Oxygen Marketing will be able to create as much or as little as your campaign, and your budget, allows for.

The specific format the content takes can also be very varied, with everything from articles, blog posts, infographics, audio, and video being a candidate. What will be constant across it all will be that each individual piece of content is optimised so that it contributes to your SEO.

Measurement and Analysis

Oxygen Marketing will include in its list of services analyses of your SEO campaign, regular reporting to you, and adjustments where necessary. This highlights the point that SEO is not just a one-off action but is something that has to be constantly monitored and when needed, amended, or updated.

Finding The Ideal SEO Company

Now that you are aware of what the basic services a SEO company in Perth should provide you, and what they achieve, you now want to turn to the job of finding and employing one. Given that what they will do can have such a huge impact on your business, this is not something that should only take 5 minutes.

Bear in mind, whilst a good Perth SEO company can take your business forward and help to increase sales and profits, equally, a poor SEO company can take it backwards, and even lose you some of the customers that you already have. This is why it is so important that you carry out due diligence and follow the advice outlined below.

Research The Company

This might seem very obvious, but it is incredible that some businesses still employ agencies, be they SEO, or otherwise, without carrying out any research on them whatsoever. Even if an SEO Perth company is recommended to you, you still want to be finding out as much about them as you can.

Obviously you’ll want to know the list of services that they offer so that you can determine if they will be able to do everything that you need, or whether a second agency might be required for those other tasks.

Ideally, you want an agency that can cover all the work as it makes it easier for you, plus it is likely to keep the costs lower than employing two separate companies.

One place you must look is their own website. You want to see a website with lots of content and information about the very services which they carry out. It is a red flag if an SEO company has a sparse website with only a few pages.

While many agencies do not advertise their prices and tend to quote a price to each individual client, many business owners feel more reassured when an SEO company states specific prices for their standard SEO packages.

Even if you agree to a bespoke package with them, at least you will have a basis upon which to judge whether the price they quote is aligned with their published prices.

Check Their Testimonials and Reviews

Whilst testimonials and reviews will not tell you everything about a business, and that includes Perth SEO companies, they are still an excellent guide as to how well they look after their clients.

The first thing to look for is how many reviews and testimonials they have. It is important because if they have been around for some time, but do not have many reviews, it begs the question as to whether they really care about the opinions of their clients.

If they did, then it would surely make sense for them to be asking for feedback. It does not bode if they think so little of their own reputation that they cannot be bothered asking customers for reviews and suggests that they will care little for your business too.

With those that do have reviews and testimonials, look for the ones that are longer rather than those which just say ‘Satisfied’ or similar. They tell you nothing, but the ones with more details will give you a better insight into how good an agency they are.

How Robust Is Their Reporting?

We mentioned in a previous section that analysis and reporting should be something that all SEO companies offer, but this is often done to varying degrees.

At the low end, you might get a one-off checklist with all the tasks they have done ticked off. The whole point of employing a Perth SEO company is not for a load of tasks to be ticked off, but for them to get you results in the form of better ranking on the search engines.

To assess that, an SEO Perth company should have a detailed analysis of the keywords they are targeting for you, and the progress they have made. Bear in mind there will be losers as well as winners, but this is all part of assessing the campaign and modifying it if necessary.

Any SEO company which values its clients will provide them with feedback, analysis, reports, and provide them on a regular basis. They will also commit to making changes when they are needed.

We can help you with affordable SEO services aimed at small to medium sized businesses with a range of SEO packages designed by our SEO Perth team to suit all budgets.

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