How To Create Content For Unusual Niches

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The term ‘unusual’ that we have used in the title is meant to be a bit of a catch-all to describe niches that are not normally mainstream. these could relate to some medical conditions, unusual hobbies, or simply mundane niches about everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn or clearing out gutters.

What we mean is they are not the niches that are hugely popular, or which jump out and shout the loudest like make money online, lose weight, or fashion.

As they are not as exciting when it comes to creating content many business owners whose niche does not normally get the pulses racing, often struggle for ideas.

So, to help them, and you too, if you are struggling to think of content for your niche, regardless of what it is, here are some tips to get you thinking about them.

Help Your Readers Achieve a Result

In just about every niche or business category there is certain to be something that those involved with it can achieve. This may not be something exceptional in the grander scheme of things, but to that individual, it could be a huge milestone or achievement for them.

If the content you create gives them advice, information, data, or simply the confidence boost to make them believe they can achieve some goal, then it is a hugely worthwhile piece of content. Not only that, if it helps someone achieve something, they will also be extremely grateful to you and therefore more likely to remain a customer or become one.

Help Solve Problems

If you are struggling to come up with an idea for content, take a few moments and think of the sorts of problems your readers and followers, might be facing.

Obviously, you want to focus on problems related to your business niche as whilst we love the concept of help for all,  it is going to appear weird if you are a parrot breeder blogging about how to fix a leaky tap!

To individuals reading your content, it will never seem boring to them if what you have written addresses an issue or problem they are facing right now. In fact, they will rivetted by it, especially if it goes to the very heart of their problem and solves it.

If you want some excellent ways to help you think of problems your readers might be facing, here are three ideas you can try.

[1] Visit the online communities, forums, and social media groups where your target audience is likely to visit. These are places where they are encouraged to discuss the problems they have, in the hope of finding solutions.

If you see a common problem or issue being repeatedly mentioned, then you have the subject for your next content piece.

[2] Make a list of all the most common questions that you get asked every day. You might want to ask your customer-facing staff as they are bound to get asked questions, and no doubt the same ones keep cropping up.

Whatever those questions are, you can answer them the next time you are writing a blog post, or better still, create a video in which you give the answers.

[3] Think about the biggest misconceptions that exist within your niche or industry or some myths that might relate to the products and services you sell. These could be common ones that you hear frequently, and really frustrate you as you know them to false.

It could also be that they confuse customers, and this is important as confused people do not buy. Create content that dismisses those myths and misconceptions for your readers.

Tell A Story

Since humans were first able to talk, we have loved telling, and even more so, loved hearing stories. It is how we have passed our history, wisdom, and knowledge, not only down through the generations, but today we still use stories in all walks of life.

The fact that stories are so popular gives you a great option for content as you can use tell them to your audience. Now, when we say create a story, we are not talking about creating the next Harry Pooter, but rather stories applicable to your niche, and which your audience can relate to.

They could be success stories, warning stories, stories with a moral, stories which educate, or simply a personal story which you share with your audience.

Get Someone Else To Create Your Content

This is not really a cheat, but it does get you off the hook somewhat. What you do is ask someone who is an expert, or who is relatively well known within your niche to create content for you. This could be a guest post, a mini autobiography, or better still, why not ask them to write a series of content pieces for your audience.

Hopefully, they will be willing to do it simply for the kudos of writing to your audience, and if it seals the deal let them link the content back to their own website.