21 Days of Blog Post Ideas

It happens to every writer from time to time. They sit at their keyboard, or if they are old school, with their pen in their hand, and their mind is a complete blank. No inspiration. No ideas. Nothing.

If you are responsible for creating and writing blog posts for your website, it will surely have happened to you too, and if not, you are incredibly lucky.

For the day that your mind does go blank, and for everyone else who might struggle to come up with ideas for your blog posts, here are no fewer than twenty-one of them.

Now you could take these and make one post a day for the next 21 days, or you could be wise and realise that you have blog post ideas lined up each week for the next 5 months or so. The choice is yours.

  1. How To: Explain to your audience how to achieve something, complete a task, or make a change that will benefit them. There are bound to be dozens of possible ‘How to…’ posts you can write for your niche.
  2. Research: Create a post that outlines some research you, someone within your business or an expert within your industry has completed and share the findings with your audience.
  3. Statistics: Every niche and business category have statistics that relate to it. Write a post where you share relevant statistics, either on a broad topic, or a very narrow one.
  4. Quotes: Over the years there have been some quotes that have gone down in history. Research for quotes that have bearing on the type of business you are, and which offer your readers sound advice.

How To Create Content For Unusual Niches

The term ‘unusual’ that we have used in the title is meant to be a bit of a catch-all to describe niches that are not normally mainstream. these could relate to some medical conditions, unusual hobbies, or simply mundane niches about everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn or clearing out gutters.

What we mean is they are not the niches that are hugely popular, or which jump out and shout the loudest like make money online, lose weight, or fashion.

As they are not as exciting when it comes to creating content many business owners whose niche does not normally get the pulses racing, often struggle for ideas.

So, to help them, and you too, if you are struggling to think of content for your niche, regardless of what it is, here are some tips to get you thinking about them.

Help Your Readers Achieve a Result

In just about every niche or business category there is certain to be something that those involved with it can achieve. This may not be something exceptional in the grander scheme of things, but to that individual, it could be a huge milestone or achievement for them.

If the content you create gives them advice, information, data, or simply the confidence boost to make them believe they can achieve some goal, then it is a hugely worthwhile piece of content. Not only that, if it helps someone achieve something, they will also be extremely grateful to you and therefore more likely to remain a customer or become one.