4 Essential Local SEO Tactics Most Businesses Fail On

Local businesses that utilise SEO on their website stand a much better chance of achieving high rankings, and as result benefitting from the increased levels of traffic that creates.

Obviously, increased traffic means more prospects seeing what you have to offer, and that in turn leads to more sales and each sale enhances the profitability of that business.

Apologies for us stating the obvious in terms of how a business becomes profitable, but the reason we mention it is that none of this can happen if basic SEO mistakes are made.

Profits do not occur without sales which can’t happen without prospects, who were all part of the traffic that isn’t coming now, because basic SEO actions were not undertaken by the business owner…or whoever the business owner employed to do them not in place.

The crying shame is that none of these basic SEO mistakes are particularly difficult to overcome,  if you are not even aware of them, then no matter how diligent you are when it comes to marketing, you may still make them. So, let us clarify what these SEO basic failures are, and how to avoid them.

Not Claiming Your Google My Business Listing (GMB)

This is one of the first actions any local business should take if it plans to have an effective online marketing campaign. Your GMB listing is the basic information about your business as it appears on Google.